in Aid

Thousands of nonprofit organizations in the United States are working on limited budgets to provide important services to the communities they serve. Mike Mann along with a small group of entrepreneurs saw a need to give technology resources to help groups further these missions. Grassroots.org was formed to help members connect with prospective volunteers, business sponsors, and donors using the technology services Grassroots.org provides.

Grassroots.org has provided free tools and services to nonprofit organizations for more than a decade. With support from business partners and volunteers, nonprofit members of Grassroots.org use free technology services to drive their charitable projects. Services include Web hosting, search engine optimization, Web and graphic design, software, and more.

Grassroots.org has provided more than $44 million to help almost 6,000 nonprofit members, using the help of more than 5,400 volunteers and 18 business sponsors. The organization continues to grow, adding approximately 120 new organizations and 100 new volunteers each month. Visit Grassroots.org for more information.