Domain Names

A critical first step for any business is purchasing the right Internet domain name. Business owners and entrepreneurs often look for domain names that are memorable, targeted, and keyword-rich.

Mike Mann founded in 1998 with the goal of providing businesses with premium domain names that help expand their online presence. A leader in the domain marketplace, has more than 4 million premium domain names to choose from. was the world’s largest secondary market for domain names. Mann sold the majority of his interest in to Highland Capital and Summit Partners in 2005. As the firm continued to acquire world-class domains and Internet brands, the name changed from to NameMedia. Highland Capital also acquired the search engine portal from

Mann signed a non-compete agreement when he sold that prevented him from selling domains for several years. During that time Mann started various technology companies including and, with the goal of making his return on investment and putting it into nonprofit organizations through and Make Change! Trust. With these organizations, Mann has helped provide grants and technology services to thousands of nonprofit organizations. Mann has since re-entered the domain business and now sells premium domains through