Mike Mann is the founder and chairman of the nonprofit,, whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and best business practices. is currently serving 3,560 charitable organizations in the US and Canada and had provided $3,902,061in savings for those organizations since 2003. The ultimate goal is to adopt 10,000 nonprofit members and provide them each with an average of $10,000 of services per year at no charge (for a total savings of $100 million per year!). provides free capacity-building services for nonprofit organizations. The free services are conveniently packaged in the Toolbox: a suite of free user-friendly tools designed to help nonprofits achieve, sustain, and expand a strong web presence. The Toolbox is free for all of nonprofit members.

Mike also founded and manages Make Change! Trust, a charitable fund that supports select 501(c)(3) organizations. Make Change! Trust is a charitable fund developed by Internet entrepreneurs and philanthropists devoted to using technology to improve the world. MC!T makes donations to nonprofit organizations that are empowering other nonprofits and the underserved through innovative uses of technology. Make Change! Trust believes that by providing funds and resources to our charity partners we are effectively addressing some of the fundamental issues necessary to create sustainable social advancement for those in need.

MC!T has millions in committed capital and growing. Over the last year, MC!T has donated hundreds of thousands to technology-focused organizations serving others, and directly to nonprofits fighting disease, homelessness, poverty, and supporting other humanitarian causes. matches groups of business students with member nonprofits for short term consulting projects, including help with marketing, business plans, finance, web sites, development, and more. Our students are recruited from our fast growing family of some of the best business schools with University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business leading the effort. While students gain valuable experience, the nonprofit or social venture gains some needed help at a great price: free. CTW is a win-win-win-win-win-win proposition that will make a great impact on society. The students, teachers, parents, employers, charities, and public all win with no risk.

Mike’s team recently started this charitable venture to recruit interns for nonprofits. is well equipped to place the best applicants into nonprofit internships. can handle applicants in any area a nonprofit needs: development, finance, administration, or counseling, for example.