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Cyger: So any entrepreneur, if they’re [an] affiliate marketer, if they’re a search engine optimization professional, if they’re a tech entrepreneur—if they have an idea, they go to your website Aux.com. They can look through, they can see a bunch of domain names, and they can say, “Ah, that’s a great domain name that matches what I want to do; that’s a killer domain name! I want to contact Mike Mann and ask him how we can partner together.”

Mann: Yes, sir. I’m very accessible. My team in general is very accessible. You can find me through links on my website, through Facebook, by email, etc. So anybody can get to me, but the issue is that they don’t really have a credible plan, or good juice, or good history to get the thing done. The vast majority of people aren’t going to get through the system, or else we’ll have hundreds of cluttered up sites. We’re really just looking for the very best people. We think we have a good process for finding the best people. If you look around at my companies and the leaders of my companies and charities, you’ll find the best people already. We’re trying to do more of the same, essentially.