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Cyger: Great. And for somebody that doesn’t have an idea, but they’re a great entrepreneur or technical guy, they can go to Aux.com, they can look and see you have domains like HappyBirthday.com available, Wi.Fi available, Lure.com (as in fish lure), Homeless.org for somebody who wants to start a not-for-profit for homeless people, PhilanthropyAwards.com—a lot of great, ultra-premium domain names available.

Mann: That’s really the point. We do a diligent job of trying to acquire the very best domains, and again, 99.99 percent are for sale at DomainMarket.com. We try to peel the best of the best off and create corporations, websites, charities, and whatever we can do. We’ve had a lot of success with this, but there are 160,000 domains at DomainMarket, and we have maybe 160 of them on tap, essentially. Of those, we’ll be able to build maybe 16 in the next few years, so it’s a very tiny minority, but that’s the most interesting stuff happening. Just buying and selling the names themselves without anything on top of it isn’t so interesting.