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Cyger: Definitely. Okay, I’ve got a ton more questions for you about Aux.com and about how you start up companies and juice them right from the beginning, but first I want to back up and share with the DomainSherpa audience a little bit about how you got to this point. You were one of the first people on the web, Mike. You founded a company in 1994 called Internet Interstate. Can you describe what that business was?

Mann: I wasn’t one of the first people. Well, the web barely existed. The web was a text web—it was text based. So, we were all in it together when Mark Andreessen and Sert and whomever else invented Mosaic, which was kind of the first graphical browser which I would call the web. Before then, there was this thing called “Links” which was a bunch of text hyperlinks that you used your arrows and your enter button to get around. I wasn’t one of the first ones, but I was an early adopter for sure. I wasn’t an early adopter to technology at all, I was an early adopter to trying to make money on it. And I’m a late adopter to trying to make money on it. I think technology is cool, but I’m somewhat indifferent to the whole thing. I’m just trying to get paid, essentially. So I hire the smart techy guys that are really into the gadgets and the code. I don’t do any of that myself.