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Cyger: Great. And at DomainMarket, I can see that, for example, HappyBirthday.com is listed for a million dollars. So an entrepreneur can actually send you a business plan of what they’d like to do with HappyBirthday.com, and if they have the chops, the expertise, and a proven background, you’re willing to put in a domain name asset so they can put in their hard work, and you both can make a viable business out of it.

Mann: Right. I prefer to build the domain names, and we’re currently looking for automated systems to deliver landing pages that look like little websites, blogs, little commerce engines, and the likes—social portals, and whatever else. And we’re going to test everything. We have tons of traffic to our sites and our domain names, so we have an opportunity to test innumerable iterations of websites and landing pages. We prefer to build them and create something of value, but again, it’s just a physical impossibility. There are 160,000 domains; there’s only a small minority we’ll ever get to build.