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Cyger: And so if somebody goes to Aux.com, what will they find there?

Mann: What they’ll find is several hundred of our favorite domains. They are grouped into different categories for different purposes—some are nonprofit domains, some are eCommerce domains, some are .co from the country of Colombia, some are ones that we want to build now—and they fit into various categories that are labeled in Aux.com. Some of them have little blurbs next to them give a very brief introduction into what we might want to do with that domain, but they’re all highly contextual, and for the most part it’s almost self-explanatory what you could do on them. On the other hand, there are many domains with multiple options that would still be within context. In this case, we look for entrepreneurs—look for the businesses they’re in, the names they’re passionate about, what they want to do—and we go through this weeding-out process to find the best web developers, SEO experts, and graphics designers to help us in this pursuit