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The opportunity to spread this message, that’s all I’m trying to do in the first place. That’s all my work. There’s a reason: it’s about helping those people in the end that we’re talking about: the cystic fibrosis patients, cancer patient, AIDS patients, hungry people, uneducated people, people with diabetes, etc. I’m just trying to spread the message to get those people help, get them medicine, get them education… I’m trying to oversimplify it so it’ll work. I run these businesses, and the reason the businesses are successful is because I try to create simple, brandable, replicable, scalable models that work very well. I’m trying to apply the same sorts of business processes and ideas into the charity world in order to have a bigger effect. I don’t want to get confused—I want to use science and math and diligently step through the business model without getting thrown off track.