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I’m going to give you the tour of the SEO.com offices. We’re just doing the finishing touches right now to get ready for the open house. So come on in.
Here’s the front lobby. Lori sits over there—that’s the front desk. We’ve got the SEO.com sign here. Nelson’s mom, Jan James, painted this painting specifically for us. We really like it. It adds some good color and funkiness to our lobby. Come on, this way.
Now the orange hall, and this is the main cubicle area here. There are some gray walls down this way, more at that end, and this is where all the SEO magic happens—all the SEO teams are right here. Right now, we’re just kind of going around and getting ready for the open house. Usually it’s silent because everybody’s so hard at work.
Let’s go this way and make the rounds here. This is our recording studio. We’re excited about this. Come on, let’s test the sound. This is going to be where we do webinars and voiceover stuff and recordings. That’s our green screen over there, the green sheet. You can hopefully hear that it’s a lot quieter. We’ve got the ghetto padding on the walls, but it should be good for recording audio. Let’s go to the next area here.
We’ve got somebody in there on a call with a client, so we won’t bug him. We’ve got five different team rooms that are all named after mountains. This one’s McKinley. We’re still waiting for the pictures, but we’re going to put in a big picture of each mountain. We’ve got Everest—this room’s going to be Everest. We’ve got some of our extra seats stored in here.
We’ve got Nelson’s office here in the corner—got the nice window with a view of the flower bed out there. Another team room—this one’s Machu Picchu. Coming down this way, we’ve got Ash Buckles’ office, Lori Gilson’s office, and here’s my office here. It looks like I need to adjust the blinds here, but it’s a nice office It’s got a little conference table, couple whiteboards, nothing too fancy—it’s not cute like Lori’s, but I like it. I focus mostly on the whiteboards even though I got it cleaned off today.
Got Travis Winger in here in this office, Jared’s in there on the phone in his office, and there’s another team room in here. It’s the Matterhorn team room. Here’s our sales team office in here. You can see Brian, Arney, and Chris in there hard at work.
[Entering the break room] They’re playing ping-pong. We’ve got foosball, furnishings, and the homemade SEO.com arcade game. Travis made this game for us, and it’s got like 400 different games on it—pretty sweet. A little sitting area and a pretty room, and a little place to hang out. Let’s go next door to the training room here. This is where the main event is going to be. They’re setting up the food and everything for the open house. We’ve got a projector and white walls for the screen area. We’ve got some art that’s on loan to us from a local artist. She does some funky paint/photography art.
Now let’s go down here and show you the kitchen. Nothing too exciting, but I guess we can look in here since it’s the fridge. Yeah, I like to eat a lot of wraps, meat, and sushi. This is new—they just put it in because we didn’t have enough cupboard space. This is the storage closet here—nothing too exciting but we’ll show it to you anyway just so you can see the whole place. Bathroom’s down there; we don’t need to show you that.
Here’s our conference room. We just got this art here today, and the whiteboard is actually new today too. So that’s it. I think that’s everything—the whole place. I hope you enjoyed it, and we’re pretty excited for the open house that’ll start in a few minutes, so thanks!