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My first book is called Make Millions. The subject matter is the same stuff we’re talking about here: building businesses to serve charities—social entrepreneurism. That’s a completed book. There are lots of book reviews on Amazon.com that people can check out. They can listen to the book online, download the PDF for free, etc., at MakeMillions.com. That’s my first book. It’s trying to change the world from a business perspective. My second book is halfway done. It’s called Applied Evolution, and again, you can go online and read it at AppliedEvolution.com. It’s not finished, but there’s a bunch of content there anyhow. Applied Evolution is about changing the world through human behavior and social mechanisms. My third book—that I haven’t even started yet—is called Fixing Government. I actually know a lot about this. I’m actually from Washington and I’ve studied this stuff a lot. It’s a series of three books: one from a business perspective, one from a psychological/human behavior perspective, and one from a governmental perspective. All three of them have the same goal, and so combined, this is supposed to be the formula for changing the world. And in fact, it is the very same formula my team and I are executing. If you look at MikeMann.com, you’ll see we’ve started a political party called the Green Tea Party—GreenTeaParty.com.