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Welcome to the Phone.com Mobile Office Application overview. Once the application launches, you’ll see many of the same options that are available when you log into your Phone.com Control Panel from your computer.
Click on the inbox to see all messages. Then click on a contact to view their detailed message. Click on the voicemail to view a transcription of the voicemail, or click the play button at the bottom to hear the message. To access more messages, click the back arrow on your phone.
To view a fax, click on a message with the fax icon. If you’d like to delete a message or block a caller, go to the inbox and highlight the message that you would like to delete. Press the file button on your phone for more options and select the trash can icon labeled ‘delete’ or select the ‘block caller’ icon.
Now let’s check out the address book. Select ‘address book.’ Here you will see a list of all your contacts. To adjust your call settings, go to the settings tab. The app will default to have all calls use your Phone.com phone number as your Caller ID. Deselect to change this option and only calls you place from the ‘place a call’ tab will show your Phone.com number. If you prefer to have all calls show your Phone.com Caller ID, you can make a call as you normally would using the standard phone keypad.
To call from your Phone.com account, launch the application and click on ‘place a call’ using the Phone.com keypad to dial. When you check outgoing calls in ‘settings,’ every call you make will originate from your Phone.com account whether you dial direct or choose a contact. To set your Caller ID, go to settings. Click on Caller ID and select the appropriate number.
With Phone.com, every account phone extension has its own conference bridge. Choose ‘conferencing’ from the main menu to see your conference bridge information or select ‘connect’ to place a call directly into conference.
The call log feature shows a history of all calls made. By clicking on the file icon on your phone, you can choose to block a phone number listed in the call log or simply use the call log to return a call.
Click on ‘send a message’ from the main menu and enter the recipient’s mobile number. Then compose your message.
Need help? Go to the Phone.com application main menu and select the file icon on your phone. Press the ‘help’ icon to send a message to support or click on the link to view the online FAQs.
Thank you for viewing the Phone.com Mobile Office Application tutorial