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As far as bigger issues, I’m into the biggest problems. The stuff I’ve personally worked on, which was a long time ago was stuff with homelessness and inner city youth, that’s the stuff I worked hands-on. Since then I’ve been doing everything on the Internet and giving people money, so I haven’t personally touched a lot.
The stuff I’ve personally done is in those two areas, but the stuff in my community—there’s a lot of poor people, there’s a lot of sick people. Delaware is a very, very unhealthy place, and everybody drinks, smokes cigarettes, eats fattening food, they have diabetes, cancer, lung disease, they’re underemployed, there’s not a good economy in Delaware. The eastern shore of Maryland has all kinds of fishing people and crabbing people who have to scrape by for various purposes at various times, so there’s plenty of weak spots in this region if you’re interested in looking around here.