“Make Millions Secrets to Business and Personal Success” is a must read for any budding entrepreneur. Mike Mann’s first book shows people a pathway to financial independence.

It’s not just abstract theories.

“These are things you can actually do in your business today and start making money,” Mann says.

Despite the title, Mann stresses that “Make Millions” is not a “get-rich-quick scheme.”

The book is about getting rich slowly, carefully and confidently.

His methods help many people become wealthy even in difficult economic times. A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Mann has done business on the Internet since the 1990s. He formed the world’s largest secondary market for online domain names, BuyDomains.com, which is now called NameMedia.

A few of Mann’s other successful ventures include: Phone.com, SEO.com, Yield Software and the well-known charity Grassroots.org.

Mann helps companies develop business plans and build winning sales teams. He explains in “Make Millions” how to start a company in the industry of your choice. The book is a guide for both business and personal success.

As founder and chairman of Grassroots.org, Mann’s group provides free services to nonprofits throughout the world. And his charitable fund, Make Change! Trust, helps with many worthwhile charitable ventures.

His book is the “raw code” for obtaining wealth while serving your community.

The 161-page book is a quick read and “Make Millions” is receiving high praise while emphasizing the importance of confidence and hard work.

“I have found the book to be full of practical ways to think about business,” said George Pickering, CEO of LocalExperts.com. “Even for a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve found myself stopping at key points and reminding myself that some of the business challenges I face are because I’m ignoring the foundation.”

According to Steve Harris, CEO of KnowledgePublications.com, “the book hits a chord with people out there who have hopes and dreams: the hopes and dreams of starting a business, of being independent and under their own control … This hopeful dreamer, the untouched entrepreneur, is one of the prime audiences for Mike’s book.”

You can download a copy of “Make Millions” at www.makemillions.com.