DomainSherpa Interview

CNN FN Interview

Birth Of Jessica Part 1

Birth Of Jessica Part 2

Faces of Change Office Tour

Mike “rocks” Under The Sea Apps Tutorial

Domainers Jamming at Mike’s House

Should Have Gone to Harvard Business School

Bike Messenger

Counter Lobbyist

Focused on Monumental Change

Create Outstanding Corporations

Roughly 200 Employees

Formula to Compete

Hard Work

Staying Focused to Win

We’re Trying to Accomplish Something Big

It’s Outstanding the Work that My People Do

My First Million

I’m a Charity Worker, Always Have Been

A Knack for Business

My Current Strategy

Results Have Been Off the Charts

I’m in Control of a Lot of Great Corporations

The Main Job is to Give Money Away to Charities

Trying to Change the World

Focused on Fixing the Big Problems

I Just Want to Help People Who are Suffering

Focused on Social Entrepreneurship

Trying to the Spread the Message to Get People Help

Millions of Dollars for Make Change! Trust

100s of Millions of Dollars Hopefully Going to Make Change! Trust

The Plan is to Change the World

Read my Books