Mike is the founder of several successful, active, for-profit and non-profit corporations. Three of these corporations were listed among the 2012 Inc 500 fastest growing companies in America.


Inc 500Mike Mann founded and manages three companies that appeared on the 2012 Inc. 500, a list that recognizes some of America’s fastest-growing companies. Mann’s placed No. 262 on the Inc. 500. Two of Mann’s other companies, and, were ranked No. 292 and No. 491, respectively. “I’m so excited to see all our hard…More



SEO.comAfter seeing a need in the marketplace for search engine optimization services, Mike Mann formed to help companies gain higher search engine rankings through Google, Yahoo and Bing. With a premium domain name and services that help companies dominate their online competition, has…More



DomainMarket.comHaving already experienced major success in the Internet domain sector, Mike Mann formed in 2008 to provide high-quality domain names for companies in various industries. buys and sells premium domain names that are ready to be developed into larger brands. has provided…More



Phone.comAfter acquiring the premium domain name, entrepreneur Mike Mann saw an immediate need to develop a company that offers high-quality, lower cost VoIP phone services for small businesses, offering an alternative to more expensive service on a PBX enterprise system. Some of the services include… More



Make MillionsSocial entrepreneur Mike Mann built several powerful Internet related brands including, and, which all appeared on the 2012 Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing corporations. As founder the of nonprofits, Make Change! Trust and, Mann wanted a way to share his keys to business success with aspiring entrepreneurs, and encourage others to use their successes to… More



BuyDomains.comA critical first step for any business is purchasing the right Internet domain name. Business owners and entrepreneurs often look for domain names that are memorable, targeted and keyword rich. Mike Mann founded in 1998 with the goal of providing businesses with premium domain names that help expand their online presence. A leader in… More



Grassroots.orgThousands of nonprofit organizations in the United States are working on limited budgets to provide important services to the communities they serve. Mike along with a group of entrepreneurs saw a need to develop resources to help groups further their missions. was formed to…More



MakeChangeTrust.orgIn 2006, realizing a critical need was under-served, Mike partnered with other entrepreneurs and philanthropists to form Make Change! Trust. The goal is to provide grants and technology services to nonprofit organizations that help fight disease, improve education, battle homelessness and support other humanitarian causes. Make Change! Trust is dedicated to helping nonprofits that are appropriately leveraging…More



WashingtonVC.comTo be successful, early stage technology companies often need support beyond an initial investment from venture capitalists. Startups need management assistance, technology and support with business services. was a private equity firm based in Washington D.C. The group formed…More



X30Failing technology disrupts companies and causes financial loss. Mike Mann wanted to provide businesses with experienced, affordable tech support to keep operations flowing smoothly. Whether a network had 10 computers or several hundred, Mann hoped to alleviate the headaches caused by technology so business owners can operate their companies as… More



InternetInterstateMike Mann saw a need for an efficient system to generate new domain names, facilitate domain registration and transfer domain names to new owners when domains are sold. Mann created a system called WhoisPlus/NameFind. The program generates domains while… More



InternetInterstateThe Web was in its infancy when Mike Mann formed Internet Interstate in 1994. Few people at the time knew what the Internet would become. Anticipating that businesses would soon need Web development services and high-speed Internet, Mann developed a regional Internet service provider in Washington, D.C., and purchasing a patchwork of smaller ISPs in… More



Yield SoftwareMarketers needed a program that integrated search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and landing page optimization (LPO) into a single system that helped save time and lowered costs while increasing website traffic and boosting conversion rates. In 2007, after seeing the growing need for this search…More



ByteBack.orgMany job seekers today will need some level of computer training to search for careers and submit resumes to prospective employers. Yet in Washington D.C., there are thousands of underserved, under-skilled, underemployed and unemployed residents in need of computer and job-training services. is a nonprofit computer and employment training center dedicated to providing…More



StrongTechHoping to profit in the world of RFID (radio-frequency identification), in 2006 Mike Mann formed StrongTech, an RFID and asset management software company. RFID technology uses a wireless system to relay information from tags attached to objects. The tags, which are used in a variety of industries, help workers track… More



StrongTechHaving grown up around music, skateboarding and surf culture, the entrepreneur knew he needed wanted to build a company with, and Mann is known for buying domain names that relate symbolically to… More



Browser MediaFor nearly 15 years, Maryland-based BrowserMedia has pulled together some of the best technology consultants, Web designers and Web developers in the country. Mike Mann formed the company as the world of Web development was getting crowded. Mann saw a need for a Web design firm that was different from the competition. BrowserMedia works on everything from… More



Software.comKnowing that e-commerce was booming, in 2005, Mike Mann bought two powerful Internet domain names that he hoped to build into online businesses: and Mann partnered with other entrepreneurs to purchase the domains from OpenWave Systems. While he owned, Mann’s business… More



Webdevelop.comHaving built many companies from the ground up, including businesses focused on telecommunications, search engine optimization, Internet domain sales and others, Mike created as the go-to place online for free resources for entrepreneurs. “For aspiring entrepreneurs, is a clearinghouse for… More