Case Study

Having built many companies from the ground up, businesses focused on telecommunications, search engine optimization, Internet domain sales and other technologies, Mike Mann created as the go-to place online for free resources for entrepreneurs.

“For aspiring entrepreneurs, is a clearinghouse for tips, trends and the cutting-edge methods the most powerful companies on Earth use to survive and thrive in a down economy,” Mann explained.

Upon publishing his first book, “Make Millions Secrets to Business and Personal Success,” Mann heard from many people who had ample motivation and desire, but not the business and street smarts needed to succeed in today’s complex, global economy. Overdue was a website like

Divided into easily navigable sections, contains checklists for entrepreneurs who are struggling with everything from project management to Internet marketing to Web development.

Along with business fundamentals, is the exclusive place to learn about Mann’s famed five-layer process. The steps show business owners ways to succeed by properly engaging sister companies, the clients of sister companies and then expanding your influence in the general marketplace.

With, entrepreneurs are accessing the resources, ideas and strategies on which Mann based his successful business philosophies. The number of people who visit each week is increasing, and whether they own a small mom-and-pop shop or are executives at large corporations, along with learning about how Mann creates business ecosystems, many visitors to the website also read Mann’s book hoping to take their organizations to the next level.