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Interviewer: Tell me your name and how you spell it.

Mann: Michael Mann. M-A-N-N.

Interviewer: Okay. M-I-C-H-A-E-L?

Mann: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Okay. Thanks for doing this. How have you found the care here at Shady Grove Hospital?

Mann: It’s been great without a flaw. Everybody who has helped us has been wonderful and patient and everything. It’s been very happy.

Interviewer: Tell me why you’re here today.

Mann: Well, it just became that day. My wife just had her baby. She started feeling contractions around 2 AM, woke me up at 3 AM, and we called the doctor and headed here. Everything proceeded perfectly, smoothly, and now we have a beautiful baby girl.

Interviewer: Have you had any need to be in Shady Grove before?

Mann: Yes, I think we visited a friend who had a child here. I know I’ve been here.

Interviewer: But you haven’t had a need for hospital care before?

Mann: I have had a need for hospital care, but I haven’t been here before.

Interviewer: Tell me about the kind of care that you have received here at Shady Grove.

Mann: The nurses and the doctor and everybody have been very helpful. Even when we walked in, I don’t know if the gentleman was the doorman or whatever, but he escorted us right up and was really friendly and helpful. The people we’ve had contact with have been great, and everything pulled off without a hitch. We’re thrilled, and obviously the result is we have a perfect child resting in the room right there.

Interviewer: Congratulations.

Mann: Couldn’t be any happier.

Interviewer: Thanks a lot.

Mann: Thank you.

Interviewer: Thanks for your help.

Mann: Appreciate it.