Mike Mann has influenced many with his ideas about the Internet and charitable giving. He is the founder of Grassroots.org and Make Change! Trust, two non-profit organizations doing much to improve the lives of people around the world.

“All I’ve ever been doing is working for charity,” Mann says. “The whole money thing was to serve charity.”

He helps strengthen nonprofits by arming them with the power of the Internet. Mann is the founder of several successful businesses, which are profiled at MikeMann.com.

MikeMann.com also has biographical information about Mann, articles where his work has been cited and careers available within his companies.

The site’s “Hotness” section has many posts on topics ranging from Mann’s interests to presentations made by his companies to charities he supports.

Mann is especially proud of his recent book “Make Millions Secrets to Business and Personal Success.” MikeMann.com has reviews of the book.

Mann said his next book will tackle the topics of evolution and human behavior and how these can be leveraged to achieve peace. The book has not been titled.

“The purpose of this book is to get everyone focused on empirical truths that guide our world, including science, math, history and genetics,” wrote Mann in a recent essay. “Once we truly focus on what reality delivers us, we can control it and push it forward for our families’ benefit, for your children’s better future (and) a more peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.”